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After the end of the "Mais Médicos" Program, the number of Cubans who seek refuge in Brazil increases

Two months after the announcement of Cuba's departure from the "Mais Médicos" Program, Cubans who remained in Brazil are seeking ways to maintain and regularize their migratory situation.
According to CONARE (National Committee for Refugees) there was an increase in requests for refuge. In November 2018, there were 321 applications. In December 2018, there were 400, more than double, compared to the previous year: November 2017 - 135 requests; December 2017 - 114 requests.
Although requests for shelter run under secrecy, representatives of the Ministry of Justice say that the termination of contracts is one of the factors that justify the increase in requests, since most of the requests were made in the state of São Paulo:
"The ministry does not give information on concrete cases, but it is also not possible to ignore the factual reality. It is well known that several of the Cubans of the Most Doctors did not return and they are known as deserters," says the coordinator of CONARE, Bernardo Laferté.
Currently, Brazilian immigration legislation states that refugees may be recognized as refugees who understand that they are victims of a deep fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality and political opinions in their country of origin.
The request for refuge is filed at the Federal Police and later sent to CONARE. The applicant will receive a protocol that will guarantee their regular stay in Brazil, being allowed the issuance of their Work booklet.
It should be noted that medical immigrants can only practice their profession in Brazil after being approved in the Revalidation Examination of their Diploma in Brazil - program also known as REVALIDA. So far the edict for the 2019 events has not yet been published.
Despite the increase in requests for refuge, CONARE data point out that the concessions for Cuban nationals in recent years have been low. By 2017, 60 Cubans lived in Brazil as refugees. In 2018, until October, only 42 immigrants were recognized.
The current secretary of labor management of the Ministry of Health, Mayra Pinheiro, estimates that at least 1,900 doctors who have acted in the program in recent years have decided to remain in Brazil. The calculation was made based on registration forms sent by Mayra to Cubans and filled out by professionals. Of these, he says, about 1,100 are married to Brazilians or have children born in the country, which puts them in a favorable position, because they are able to apply for a residence permit based on the Family Reunion. According to the Federal Police, since November 2018, at least 36 Cuban doctors have regularized their situation as a Family Reunion. Others, however, would be at risk of having their temporary visa canceled soon. The Federal Police informs that the records are valid until there is an express communication from the Ministry of Health for cancellation, which has not yet occurred.
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Source: UOL Cotidiano
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